Piranha – Deadly and Tasty


He had them even before we knew what was going on. My cane knelt while praying for something under the black water. The six-pound test line danced like a cat in a fireplace. The whole hell was set free. Sweat belts fell on Doris’s back. His clothes were now second leather, sticking to everything. We took a deep breath. We were wearing fish. The body of the purple oval and Piranha red belly was broken. I arrived. “Don’t let your finger get close to their mouth or you will lose it,” our guide shouted.

Minutes earlier, I was shivering with the wind blowing from somewhere even though it was 85 degrees — plus heat. The second moisture did not help either. An angry cry filled my ears, but because of my dress Vick’s Vapor Rub, which sucks blood did not eat with it. My eyes burned. My nose is dripping. A small sheet of coffee table or a hanging branch strikes me in several parts. Curses came out of my mouth even though I tried my best to be like one with the rain forest, as the Indians do.

Our fishing rods ranged from 18 “to five-and-a-half feet. Sufficient as vines as my hand dipped in the red coffee water and formed small pockets as it passed through the roots and fallen branches.The distorted growth turned the bank slope red. a plate-eating dish near a swarm of mangrove roots that leaps to the surface.

A few minutes later, her flaky skin glistening with moisture, the guide showed the smoothness of her razor-like teeth. The green leaf that was right next to his mouth played with a biting-like bite. Three heavy shots on the head prepared the killer to clean up. After the repair, Embera cut a few pieces on both sides of the fish. In this case, she carefully diced the salt, garlic, and roots from the small gourd. A simple shaved frame was used to hold fish in a fiery charcoal fire. The hardened flesh of the fish tasted smooth and slightly, like a steady and soft fish. I blink and nod my head cautiously to Doris said. “Make these heads into a sauce and you need more women”. He looked at me with a strange look. I smiled.

Perfectly Killing Machine

Amazon has a lot of risks. War ants travel with millions of lifeless predators on their way. With their eyes closed, the crocodiles lurked unnoticed – anything or anyone else might be there. Returning to its foot 20 feet[20 m]the Anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world, uses a heat-searching guide to find its next food. A sting inflicted by a tail with large ropes can give a wound that can take months to heal. But none of this carries the mysterious secret of the mighty Piranha. Across South America from Brazil to as far down as Peru, it also lives in the waters of Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. In the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers in Brazil and in the Orinoco River in Venezuela, no creature is immune to the sharp teeth of a razor and powerful jaws. The polished teeth connect like a razor, causing the Piranha to cut the flesh of their animals. Like a shark, Piranha’s teeth are replaced, while a new one grows new.

The Yagua Indians of Peru often use the pineapple teeth of the Piranha jaw to decorate the tips of their rifles. A fish that dies or swims the wrong way will be quickly attacked by a high school. Piranha will again attack without warning to protect their eggs and their share. Injured meat that has been lost in the water will be pulled up to the bone as fast as if it were “dancing” on the surface as it collapses on the ground. The bird that falls into the water will be gone, the feathers and everything, in three minutes or less. A caught fish that fights the net is chewed up to the head in a matter of seconds. Attacks on large animals and humans are often spectacular, but they are rare. In some areas Piranha is known as a “donkey runner”.

“They will tear to pieces and devour every living creature that is injured or injured.” U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt said, adding, “Piranha is the world’s most dangerous fish.” Piranha, also known as the Caribbean or Piraya only added to their dangerous secret when Roosevelt encountered them in his practice in 1914. There are about 35 known species of Piranha but only five species represent man. The species ranges from Red-Belly Piranha (Pygocentrus natterere) with a red belly to the largest food species, the Black Piranha with red eyes and demons and a dark body 17 inches and a half inches long and up to ten pounds. It can remove a person’s hand and bite two or three times.

Many species feed on fruits or seeds that fall into the water from the coating surface. The fish are not always aggressive. Women wash their clothes in water up to their knees where men lead the fish while children bathe or swim in the same water that has harmless Piranha. In addition to adding Piranha secrets, Indian men with 12 wives and many children claim to have Piranha head broth, although there is no strong scientific reason for the broth.

Fishing Piranha

Piranhas are often included in the local diet of fish. All you need to do to get to Piranha are lines with a metal guide near the hook to keep the fish from biting the line, the availability of red, raw meat (worms or chopped fish) is also an option. Piranha swims in high schools and is attracted to the movement and blood. In May 1999, hundreds of Anglers carrying sticks, reels, and raw steak flocked to the Brazilian town of Aracatuba near Sao Paolo for a Sunday piranha. The townspeople have announced the opening season for carnivorous fish, which have killed some species of river. The prize was a foreign bicycle. But “many fishermen were ready to go home armed with aphrodisiac piranha,” said city spokesman Nelson Custidio.

Piranha, earns a reputation for slaughtering 1,200 cattle annually in Brazil, and some of the best in South America. Whatever name you give them and no matter what you try, when you cook in a variety of ways, their firm flesh is a bit smooth, and the flavor you would like.


Cryptocurrency: Fintech hacker


Blockchains, margins, mines – the world’s most encrypted cryptocurrency terms are constantly increasing momentum. While it may seem absurd to introduce new currencies in the long-term financial world, cryptocurrensets provide the most important solution to one of the biggest challenges in the modern financial market – the security of trading in the digital world. Cryptocurrency is a well-known and confusing phenomenon in a fast-paced world of high technology, an important solution to the need for secure exchanges in the modern world. In a time when trades were just numbers and numbers, cryptocurrency wanted to do the same!

In the most complex of terms, cryptocurrency is a confirmation of the concept of other currencies that promise secure, anonymous non-use of online counterparts. This misconception is property and not real money. Unlike everyday currencies, cryptocurrency types operate without a central regulator, as a form of digital autonomy. In the case of cryptocurrency, the funds are disbursed, supervised and approved by a co-operative group of partners – known as mines on peer-to-peer machines. Successful miners also receive cash in recognition of their time and resources. Once in use, commercial notifications are sent to the blockchain in the network under the public key, preventing any money from being used twice from the same user. Blockchain can be considered as an investor register. Money is stored on the back of a digital wallet protected by a password representing the user.

The availability of digital currency is pre-determined, without control, by individuals, corporations, government agencies and financial institutions. The cryptocurrency machine is known for its high speed, because transactions in the digital currency sector can cost money in a matter of minutes, compared to traditional banking methods. Nor can it be changed by design, to promote the idea of ​​anonymity and to exclude another opportunity to return the money to its original owner. Unfortunately, key features – speed, security, and anonymity – have also made silver coins a way to trade a number of illegal trades.

Like the electronics market in the real world, currency prices fluctuate in the digital economy. As a result of depreciation, as the value of money increases, so does the cost. Bitcoin is the largest and most successful currency to date, with a market share of $ 15.3 Billion, holding 37.6% of the market and currently trading at $ 8,997.31. Bitcoin hit the stock market in December, 2017 with a sell-off of $ 19,783.21 per coin, ahead of a sudden collapse in 2018. The fall is due to the rise of other digital currencies such as Ethereum, NPCcoin, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin and MintChip.

Because of the limitations of the complex currency in its delivery, cryptocurrensets are considered to adhere to the same economic principles as gold – the price is determined by the minimum and the volatility of demand. With the temporary change in exchange rates, their reliability remains apparent. As a result, short-term stock trading is a short-term trend than the stock market.

In the wake of the industrial revolution, digital money is a very important part of the technological crisis. From the point of view of the average viewer, this climb can make it look fun, scary and amazing at the same time. While some economists are still skeptical, others see it as a lightning strike on the financial sector. Regardless, digital currency will drop nearly a quarter of the world’s developed currency by 2030. This has already established a new global financial and global economy and a new commercial vehicle will come from cryptofinance in the coming years. In the near future, Bitcoin may have voted to show some background. But that doesn’t mean any financial losses are in itself. While some financial advisers emphasize the role that governments play in addressing secrecy to guide the management of financial management, others insist on continuing to do so. The most well-known cryptocurrencies are those that, in turn, monitor and enforce the rules – a well-known distraction that distorts digital knowledge and undermines the main purpose of the acquisition. In any case, the lack of intermediaries and supervisors is making them more attractive to investors and making the day-to-day business more flexible. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) fears that cryptocurrencies will soon take over central and international banks. After 2030, the public market will be dominated by crypto-based networks that will offer less conflict and more economic benefits between buyers and sellers.

If cryptocurrency is to become an integral part of existing companies, it must meet the economic, regulatory and developmental requirements. It should be unregulated, affordable, and highly secure in order to make the most of a lot of money. It should maintain the anonymity of non-users without being a means to money laundering, tax evasion and online fraud. Since this is a must-have for a computer, it will take a few years for you to understand whether cryptocurrency is competing with real world currencies. While that should be done, the success of cryptocurrency (or its lack of it) in the face of adversity informs the future economy.


Globalization – Is It OK?


“Globalization” began many years ago in the early 15th century, just before the ‘Age of Exploration’ or ‘European Age of Discovery’ when people came together to explore America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The Silk Road, an interconnected trade route for Asian, African and European countries was built in Central Asia by the Han dynasty in 114 BC. The old road opened the way for transportation, goods and people in many countries connected by the road. Trade on Silk Road contributed significantly to the development of the Indian subcontinent, China, Europe, Persia, and the Arabs. It carried and developed countries interconnected with various technologies, philosophies, culture and religions through trade and exchange. As a result, the ‘interdependence’ is not uncommon because for centuries individuals and organizations have been doing business in other lands. Much of what is now available clearly indicates that before World War I broke out in 1914.

‘Globalization’ approached its modern form recently when Roland Robertson first used the term in 1983. It used it to refer to the way business and commerce in the global unrestricted market, which was developed through increased communication and interdependence. ‘Globalization’, the dominant concept of the 20th century, is meaningless. It also affects these major types of changes.

It promotes free movement or economic connectivity, finance, culture, trade, migration, and so on. Global borders become household items. It is a proven way to exchange money, goods and services for free in an unlimited world and streamline operations to protect critical resources (e.g., skilled jobs, brain drain, etc.). Manufacturers and manufacturers are planning to create the most efficient and cost-effective solution for sale. They are no longer living in other stable countries as before. This has led many businesses to set up or purchase jobs in other countries. Here an American or British company could plan to manufacture in Thailand or China to sell to Europe or other growing or developing markets. Because, in this way, they can make the same good things at a lower cost and sell them to other places where they can make more money. This is a major benefit of ‘the interdependence of the world’ in a simple way. An American company instead of using a high-paid office or customer service provider can get the same job through Indian BPO for one price. It is the process by which countries depend on each other in many areas of life. It is a process that unites people around the world into a single entity with a common identity.

The International Monetary Fund has identified four key areas of ‘Globalization’. Ali:

• the exchange of wealth between corporations and international trade and cooperation through customer-supplier relations;

• Moving into finance, finance, technologies, manufacturing and innovation

• movement or migration of persons; and

• Distribution of information.

The great benefits of ‘globalization’ can be summed up as follows:

• Globalization has helped bring about economic growth in many developing countries due to increased foreign exchange reserves and jobs in other countries.

• A variety of international tools are used appropriately.

• Vendors take a wide range of options to compete.

Manufacturers, manufacturers, funders and service providers have access to a wide range of markets.

• Promotes understanding, strong trade cooperation, peace and mutual interest in many countries.

• The effects of agricultural change in one area can be avoided.

• Expansion of technology, reduces global poverty, different cultures in the world are the same (good and bad).

‘Globalization’ is about bringing about economic, social and political cohesion through the addition of trade and social exchanges, sound financial management, goods, and services. But, they often complain that it helps to create more wealth in developing countries and fails to close the gap between the poorest countries in the world. It is not without its challenges. Globalization is seen by many as a threat to global cultural diversity. It is often criticized for the following reasons.

• Developed countries can suppress the growth of poorer nations by ordering inappropriate speech. It works especially for the benefit of the wealthiest nations. It fails to add to all the happiness.

Depression or economic crisis in this country can lead to global problems such as infectious diseases. If the economy of one country collapses, it should be disrupted along the way, attracting many other countries.

• The risk of infection is freely and unplanned by people traveling and migrating from one place to another.

• Many local or local resources or businesses in developing countries are depleted. I will attack directly on small and medium-sized companies in the region.

• Globalization uses less resources more quickly. Increased manufacturing, industrial development, deforestation have increased the risk of pollution and climate change.

• Globalization has shifted jobs and finances from developed countries to developed countries.

• Promotes reliance on international access to services and services.

• Reduces the importance of the country. Local governments or governments such as the G8, the International Criminal Court, WTO, change national activities and international agreements.

‘Globalization’ is a two-edged sword. Although it brings great growth around the world but it fails to address the problems faced by the poor. Even its advantages have led to many controversies over the same issue. It has helped a few people but injured many others. Interdependence, a complex concept, often leads to violent conflicts. Its effectiveness depends on the role of government in the country and its policies.


Easy Self-Care for Moveers and Shakers


As busy business owners, leaders, and professionals (often life-affirming, volunteers, and families), it can be difficult to prioritize what you can do to take care of yourself. Sometimes the topic is confused as a simple, feminine subject. However, even though men do not like to get fondness or to rub their hands or spend time with their friends on coffee, both men and women need to make sure they are breathing and regaining their strength. This is taking care of themselves.

When we take care of ourselves, we expose ourselves to the risk of stress that results in mental retardation and a major burnout. While our self-care practices may not reach our highest level of what we have today, it is the first time to add to your list! Before we make a list of “good” things, you need to understand the meaning of self-care.

For years my friends and relatives have ridiculed me for burning candles at both ends and I have to take care of myself. Sometimes it was difficult to understand what he meant. I knew I was busy, but I do things that are important to me, that I love, and that I get energy and space. My friends and relatives would tell me where to find me, but sometimes I was confused about what I should do. I couldn’t see just sitting at home reading a book for three hours or an hour, or taking a whole day to go and still trying my favorite pastimes. It looked like a hurricane: “Calm down and take care of yourself, but don’t fix anything.” How do you get a non-consensual massage and I force myself to stay busy? I often reply, “I’m fine.” I had self-care items set up in my day and I feel like I have a lot of energy even though I do business, but I know I don’t take care of myself or take time off, but it seems like it’s stressful to prepare them for the day as well.

What fascinated me, as is the case with many, is when my body has not been able to be with me as it does. After my second daughter was born I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. Symptoms should be fatigue, cerebral palsy, body aches, and more. I thought, “What’s new? You just have to get through it.” The disease did not change anything except to increase the concerns of my friends and relatives to reduce and take care of themselves. Enjoying the harvest and making things, I have more time for 2 activities, family, and more volunteer time.

Then, I turn 40. Enjoying everything I do, I found that stress comes with a few limits that I allowed myself to. The combination of stress and health is what I claim to be experiencing some of the problems I started to experience that cause panic. This piqued my interest. I tried to deal with this new problem and improve but I found that the same thing had some drawbacks. I tried to go back to my chosen years and worked hard, meditating, writing, quiet time, and much more. I started to see the experiences of those who were older but looked younger as opposed to those who were the same age it seems old-fashioned. This is when I started to think about how my small portions helped me do more but only increase my stress. My depression helped me to cope with the increasing amount of stress that was also involved.

As a result, you may be reluctant to take care of yourself and others may tell you that you need to cut back, or you may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe everyone should take care of their body, mind, and spirit, but when talking to someone who is going to shake and shake, you have to take care of yourself. You connect with more people, you become more interested and depending on how you take care of yourself it can affect your ability to continue to do what you are doing and the amount of hope you share in how you do it. So, how do you do it?

# 1) Essentials. These are the principles that help you to maintain stability. When we are healthy and young we can take better care of our health and run away from not doing the basics. As we get older, we will see more of the lack of self-care or the strange appearance of those who took time. Health research and literature always have the same ideas:

– SLEEP. Do not deceive yourself. You need 8 hours.

– GO. Even daily walking is better than anything else. Get a pedometer. Perform 10K steps. Go outside (I live in MN, I know how hard it can be.)

– WATER. Drinking your body in water is good, but for some of us, some GOOD water is great. Add lemon wedges or anything that will help you every day.

– GOOD. Eat pork and vegetables (kale, spinach, etc.). Honestly, good vegetables are hard for me but when you add them to your diet, they become easier.

– SUPPORT. It may be a good food (turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, blueberries, nuts, etc.) or a supplement.

– BREATHING. Whether it’s daily meditation or 10 breaks a day, increase your time to relax, don’t worry, and fill your body with air.

# 2) Restoring Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Spirit. I believe there is a difference between a list of self-care and learning to listen to my inner personality and self-awareness. The list can be used to help inform ideas, initiate, or allow you to hear a variety of decisions on what might be needed. Self-care does not mean being a slave to lists, but responding to the call of the inner man. For example, if you are thirsty, your body needs water. You can look at soft drinks: soda, tea, coffee, water, water … but you know what your body really needs you feel your body and you will know if you try to drink other choices that will keep you thirsty. The body needs water to be refreshed. Likewise in our self-care, it is important to learn how to feel yourself and hear what your body, mind, and spirit are asking for.

– Examples of lists that include activities from which you can take care of yourself daily and weekly:

– Body (helps your body feel better): Massage, walking outdoors, eating salads, exercising, stretching, taking 10 minutes, eating fruit, eating breakfast, drinking plenty of water, cutting sugar, getting sun, laughing

– Ideas (helps to reduce stress and direct attention to relaxation): meditation, playing the piano or instrument, reading a book, writing an essay, making a list, setting boundaries, reading positive and encouraging notes, de-clutter, remove an hour

– Spirit (invigorates the heart, brings happiness and inner peace): coffee with friends, listening to music, going out, eating dinner, reading the Bible, praying, keeping a card bag and re-lighting it, reducing or eliminating toxins and harmful to the people you feed, give yourself

– Natural Correction. You can listen to your wise words and inner words, it will tell you what you want. It may sound like the things on the self-regulating list or may not be the same. You may not want to do that, but understand how smart your body is and believe that it gives you the best advice on what you want. It can be as follows:

– You’ve been sitting all day at the computer. You feel lazy and tired. You ask yourself, “What do I want to restore?” GO AWAY.

– You have felt that you have not been told and you have not been interested. You ask yourself, “What should I pour oil on?”

– You feel lonely even though you have people around you. You ask yourself, “What do I need to work on most?” CALL YOUR OLD BFF OUT.

– You feel tired and in the back. You ask yourself “Should I deal with stress?” Create a List.

– You get frustrated and nervous about all your activities. You ask yourself, “What do I need to rest for?” LISTEN TO THE SONGS AND GO TO THE JOURNEY.

Whatever it may be, the point is that there is no right or wrong. It is not a magic act. I listen to your insides and let your body tell you what you want. This may sound a bit ‘woo-woo’ and I hope it is clear that I am not saying anything that is not allowed or inappropriate, but as you get used to listening to your body (by being quiet and calm and listening to your heart), you will get useful information that is not from the head. , instead of giving up on yourself and taking care of yourself, this is a moment to help!


Images of Japan Woodblock – Collection of Ukiyo-e Art


How often do you visit a museum and say to yourself, “I wish I had this picture?” We all think that art is a protection for the very rich, that Sotheby and Christie are people other than us. This is not true. Obviously Andy Warhol or Van Gogh will stretch a lot of bags, but there are great art out there, rich in history, beautiful to look at and most of all, because past art is useful, money that can save value.

For me, 19th-century Japanese art prints are worth the perfect price. I run a social networking site that only sells Japanese images at the moment, or ukiyo-e as they are called. I think I am biased but I love the work (I’ve been a lifelong collector) that I not only want to sell the work, I also want to advertise, show, write and make videos.

First little job. For those of you who think you are unfamiliar with Japanese art, I am sure you have seen the great Hokusai wave hitting beverages or greeting cards, or the red parts of Mount Fuji on the fridge magnets or signs somewhere. The artwork of this genre is more visible than you might think. At the moment, there are major ukiyo-e exhibitions in national stadiums in London, Boston, Oxford and Brooklyn to name a few.

There is a history of being able to write a short story, but just put it this way: The Japanese made wood carvings into paintings for two or three centuries. Japan was independent at the time and the style of work, the process and the story was designed in a complex and simple way. The process is very complex and very ingenious, making the artist and the artist draw anything up to twenty boards from the drawing and print each piece manually on paper of different colors. The final result of the process is a beautiful, multi-colored print.

Audiences can be warriors from history, mythology, beautiful women, landscapes, poets or especially actors and comic book actors. Everything has a lot of color, a clear build and each print has a story to tell. What about money and finances?

Selling art is like real estate. You can buy property because you like it or you can buy it because you want to see it more expensive. The goal is to buy your favorite space that is also profitable. The same is true with skill. Modern art and mining sites; there are so many people making things, so many things in the world and there is no real measure of what is hot and what is not. In the end, the risk is not even greater because there is a large group of vendors and collectors to set up a market and point you in the right direction. But modern technology is cheap and still attracts risk.

The most important thing is to choose the type of niche you like, where the artist or artist dies and where there is a market value history and a value proposition. This is why Japanese art is the best buy right now.

As a commodity, there is a lot of money at a higher price that increases significantly in the price and is not cheap and as a result, corruption spreads out and the market follows due to rising prices at the heart. For many years the market and professionals were preoccupied with the ancient era of Japanese art, in the 18th and 18th centuries. The prices of artists like Utamaro, Sharuku or Hokusai reached the celestial spectacles. Utamaro printing, for example, earned $ 311,679 in 2002. Naturally the market needed to grow and Hiroshige, a famous nineteenth-century artist now orders up to $ 30,000 – $ 40,000 per single printing. Additions that were published in the nineteenth century have become priceless and artists like Kuniyoshi and Kunisada now pay exorbitant prices. The scarcity of antiquities now means that there is a growing interest in the technology of this Edo era and makes it a great time to use what is now known as the best art.

One thing people notice is that the paintings of the same artist vary in price … why? Culture is very important, remember that these are fragile things and sometimes it seems like a miracle that they survived. Records tend to be cool, damaged by worms and insects, damage to water, moisture, fire and careless care and greatly reduced. The quality is very important to the price and some of the artist’s prints are considered to be of artistic value, others are rare because the pronunciation was very limited. If you buy from well-known retailers, then the value in the market will be reflected in the price. Best of all buy scarves because you love them; a good seller gives a lot on the piece: date, title, who is shown and so on. Much like this promotes self-esteem. It is also possible that your print will be in large old archives; MFA in Boston has thousands of ukiyo-e printers available online. With an artist like Utagawa Kuniyoshi, there are many exhibits, table books and so on that can be printed.

Japanese literature is a world of magic and beauty … take the time to look at them and maybe you can visit the Christies in line and look for prices to prove yourself in the market. I have posted a link below to our photos, Toshidama Gallery as well as a link to our blog with articles, videos and photos. Please let us know if you would like to request anything related to this wonderful and amazing technology.


Laughter and The World of Work Laughs With You


Many workplaces today have employers and co-workers, repetitive tasks and market challenges that may not be possible. Stress increases. Supervisors often tell me they can’t afford the time or cost of my funny meetings; how to cope with workplace problems.

We know medically that laughter and play are medicinal, they also benefit our body, mind and body. At work, jokes and entertainment can increase productivity, enhance skills, promote teamwork, and promote esprit de Corps.

While we may not be able to control everything that happens to us at work and in the workplace, we have control over our choices. I also teach others how to create a safe and friendly environment, and use jokes to help us stay strong amidst the stress and challenges that come with a lot of hard work and a competitive market. Remember that humor starts inside. Being able to laugh at your own shortcomings greatly contributes to a better career that can grow better.

These are experiences and ideas for you as individuals, working groups and managers. Develop skills and apply these ideas to work out your own solutions to workplace problems.

– Decorate your workplace with cartoons, headlines or funny pictures that entertain you and visit your co-workers. Whether you’re surrounded by Pez’s childhood sweethearts, or art galleries that speak to your interests, let your workplace comfort you and make you happy when you leave the office decor.

– Click a co-worker to be a funny friend. Bring jokes every day to share. Talk about funny things at work. Keep up the good work. When the chips reach the bottom your partner can laugh at your frustration, and vice versa.

– Don’t think that cubicles reduce your sense of humor. I saw shower curtains, umbrellas and other equipment used properly to light up more or less. For some, art grows behind the curtain of their cubicle. People disrupting your workplace? Don’t be angry… protect her with a yellow tape of “Crime Scene”!

– Subscribe to the comic page to receive free e-mails every day or every week for jokes, jokes and stories. Pages like http://www.netfunny.com/rhf/ or [http://www.oraclehumor.com/] and two examples.

Are You Laughing at Me ”? One supervisor, known to be concerned, agreed with a “Mood-O-Meter” outside his door. Both he and his staff take turns predicting what they will be like: from fire breaks to volatile clouds to temporary explosions… keep at risk. Don’t underestimate the power of humor to make yourself available and loved.

Laughing Room. Some companies choose a room, a workplace or a corner of their office as a dining room, where laughter and laughter are allowed. Whether yours has a drill bag, a game, a starter board or foosball, it is a room to evaporate and breathe through.

Do not search. Everyone hates it and cries but we all need to breathe steam from time to time. One group of artisans and their managers ordered Thursday to be a fun day. They test themselves all week, making sure they don’t cry. However even on Thursday the gripes were licensed in the department and somehow looked healthy. Other than that, they hurt in one abdomen. This kind of stability also helps keep the neighborhood departments strong!

Ending Happiness. Many experts arrive at meetings nervously. Humor can help. At regular meetings, spend one or two minutes at each meeting for humorous jokes. In one group the “funny hand” rotates in meetings and meetings. Staff take turns exchanging voice at meetings, making sure everyone is doing it. Legends, rhetoric or exercises watch the group at work available and bring your friends together happily.

When you don’t use jokes. Not all jokes are good. Harmful jokes, sarcasm, or cruelty can upset others and you. Try the jokes that combine, and create and draw our personalities. By now you know that sex jokes, racism, puberty jokes and nonsense jokes are not only appropriate, but can also lead to penalties, termination or even prosecution. Be careful when you tell jokes about job losses, loss of power (RIFs) and personal problems. Their pain can occur over time. . When in doubt… Stop it!

Proper jokes can make difficult tasks easier, cooperation more enjoyable and make working days faster. Laugh, and the working world laughs with you!


PAINT IT PINK – Let’s Join Breast Cancer Hands


A few years ago, one of Hollywood’s actresses sent word, not only to readers but also to medical personnel, announcing the removal of both nerves or the removal of breast tissue.

Posting a message about the dangers of women especially in these times.

Now some readers may be quick to clean up the operation like paranoia but statistics will make you sit down and read.

Epidemiological studies have revealed that at a rate of 25%, it is the most common cancer in women, and 12%, the second most common cancer (skin cancer records chart).

A search at home to see if there are sputum, is suddenly discussed and advised. Tests are quick because it is important to get to know your body, identify any abnormalities, consult the same doctor and make a decision.

Chest Forming

As a result, the breast becomes intact adipose or fatty tissue a very large production. Then comes the building and functioning units, which are 12-20 lobes, each of which is made up of smaller ones. Behavior, connected by milk ducts, which are the means of transporting milk to the breast. Cancer begins in the gut or in the abdomen, so it is called ductal and lobular carcinoma, respectively.

Have you ever wondered why too much light also includes scratches under the pits of your arm, other than the visible ones, close to the chest. The tiny body of protective lymph nodes called the Lymph node disintegrates throughout the body, connected by an independent regulator, called the gastrointestinal tract.

When you have cancer, examining the lymph nodes helps the doctor determine the size and spread of the cancer. In addition, breast cancer also affects distant organs through these mechanisms.

Does it cause breast cancer?

Now, what causes breast cancer? There is no single cause that can be found for cancer.

Yes there are dangers, which we will discuss but before this happens it is important we confuse the same few beliefs.

Breast cancer is NOT caused by: – ​​cell phone, tea or coffee, contact with the person who has it, cooking microwaves and spices.

The contradictory premise of these “agents” is probably that anything that causes DNA damage from radiation from a drug causes cancer.

However, it is important to remember, we are exposed to radiation and radiation, all the time, and our bodies are able to repair the damage.

Risks: Risks are things that can increase the risk of infection. Being at risk does not mean that the mother will get breast cancer. Most women who are at risk do not have breast cancer.

1) Life: no rewards for imagining, Smoking and Alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. Fatty foods, obesity and other things that do not take the list.

Post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy and hormonal contraceptives for women who have not yet reached puberty are said to be at the root of breast cancer risk that may also be a medical etiology.

2) Genetics: an area that you cannot change. A family history of breast cancer or any other stomach cancer should not make you hypochondriac, but save a little time with your annual checkup.

3) Medical: Other problems in the ears or stomach, which often lead to benign tumors.

Although, it now has advanced medical facilities that show breast cancer have changed with lighter years but early detection, it still saves a person from depression, trauma and reduces the risk of infection.

Check for any cross or mass, painless, firm and immovable but can be limited, soft and well defined. As mentioned earlier any growth of the abdomen in the right hole or under the collar should not be ignored.

Other signs to look out for are: irritation of the skin or a twist, Everson jaw, temporary pain in the breasts / nipples, swelling of the breast even if it does not look like a mass, swelling of the breasts and red or brown skin.

. Mammography: “Mammogram before Instagram”. Here are some tips to watch:

  • Women 40 to 44 years old are selected

  • Women aged 45 to 54 mammograms per year.

  • Women 55 years of age or older who are assessed annually or once every 2 years.

  • Screening should be continued as long as the mother is in good health and is expected to be 10 years or older.

It is recommended that if one has high hopes, such as increased risk such as genetics and hormone replacement therapy, they should be screened by MRI.

Don’t count your days, make your days count, and what is said about cancer. The first realization is your savior.


Are You Still Happy?


When I ask new customers what they want more in their lives almost all of them have ‘fun’ at the top of the list! I think this is true for all of us. So why not be happy? See if any of the following options apply to you:

1. We value ourselves.

2. There are some “very important” things to do.

3. We think it will cost a lot of money.

4. We are very tired.

5. We don’t have time. (DON’T HAVE TIME?)

6. We look stupid.

7. It is difficult to prepare.

The truth is that these are just reasons. We all know that once we are happy, nothing is too much for us. Also, when you are having fun you are more in line with your inner direction and are working from the answers that are part of your brain. It is the difference between “being” and “doing”. So don’t be surprised that as you play and have fun, some of the answers to your challenges are revealing themselves! Pretty, huh?

Before you can decide if you want to bring pleasure to your life, you must first know what entertainment looks like to you. I tell you, it’s not the same for everyone. Take Disney for example, for me the twists and turns and walking around, it was so much fun. I know for some, this is the opposite of fun!

So before you move on to enjoy your life answer the following questions to LIVE:

1. What is your definition of entertainment?

2. When is the last time you had fun?

3. How do you know if you’re happy?

4. HOW do you feel when you have a good time?

5. Who are you having fun with?

Once you have a clear idea of ​​what you are interested in, you begin to plan to integrate it into your life.

So are you ready? Below I have compiled a list of 10 simple, inexpensive ones with no idea to enjoy before the end of the summer season.

I hope you enjoy it … AND HAVE FUN!

10 Best Ways to Have Fun This Month

1. Go to the park park where I stand in line at Disney on the Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller Coaster, at a temperature of 95 degrees, for an hour, I thought, “I have to be nuts to do this!” I looked around the hundreds of other people who were in line with me, I remembered the excitement I felt when I rode this recently when I was at Disney and thought “No, this is great!” If you are looking for fun in the answer park then the way to go have fun. There are individual riders and some have warm water parks on these hot summer days.

2. Go to Gombe ~ Weather you go with the kids or not, play if you are one. Bring the dung and shovel, make a house of sand and knock it down. Shaking in the water, surfing, boogie board, write love notes in the sand.

3. Have a neighbour’s cooking pot ~ Ask everyone to bring a plate, and water balloons or water guns. Play water volume ball (use paper to hold a balloon) or hide-gun with water guns.

4. Make a family fundraiser ~ Divide into groups and explore your area. Make your way to your local ice cream parlor.

5. Play hookie ~ I want to say more?

6. Visit the Museum ~ Check out your local Library, you can get free tickets!

7. Run your pump

8. Go to Video Trailer ~ Believe it or not there is a place to go around. Google in your area, and I suggest you find one.

9. Take your children to the park and play with them ~ don’t just sit on the bench and watch. Go down, be a monkey on the rails, shake the core, play secretly.

10. Develop a close relationship with your partner ~ drama, and I will encourage you!

Your Work

Do as many activities as you can (or make your own) before the end of the summer. Make it happen. Make the rest of the season the best this summer.


Advanced Guidelines for Recognizing Organizational Change


It is always a pleasure to hear people discuss the question “How do we change?” Organizational change worries leaders. Instead, the question of change leads to the idea that change is often a matter of chance and uncontrollable behavior.

Here is the business and the organization; Change is a part of growth in organizations and in life. Instead, changes occur frequently. You can find ways to measure these changes so that they do not happen overnight. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for manicures and pedicures.

The first theory is that organizations are “open systems.” This means that they are part of the world around them and are open to the signs of the world around them. Recognizing organizational change means being aware of what is happening outside and inside the organization.

The open path is affected by internal and external forces. Internal forces can be controlled from within the organization while external forces can influence the organization but this cannot be controlled by the organization.

Internal forces affecting each organization include its resources or functions, leadership and management, policies and procedures, public works, marketing strategies, and operations. This is overseen directly by the institutional leadership and should be subject to external changes.

Other external factors include politics, economics, economics, economic transformation that affects companies, real estate, trade, people and stakeholders.

Both internal and external stakeholders can be monitored and controlled to predict the extent to which agency leaders can act, which could disrupt the organization. For example, when politicians change the law that affects how your companies change products and services, this will change the way the organization works. If gas and oil prices increase and the prices of car buyers are the same, car manufacturers need to adapt to meet the needs and finances of the consumer market.

All components of the system must work together in order to function properly. Changes often flow in organizations because the complexities of these changes in the various departments are often overlooked. In other words, changing one part of the organization affects other areas. Take, for example, advertising ensures that products need to be shipped quickly to help customers. The advertising department develops advertising tools that promise fast shipping. However, the shipping department is the one that should make this a quick delivery. They should inform the advertising department whether they can be sent immediately or not. This means looking back at the manufacturing department to see if the items are available in a regular manner. It also includes accounting and public consultation. In other words, every part of the organization needs to be involved in the transition to support it.

The Society helps to adapt to the needs of your desired market. It is important to evaluate how people affect people’s purchasing habits in the market you want. When your company offers a particular type of product or service you need to make sure that you are negotiating in the event of a rapidly changing mindset on what is available on or off your market share. For example, if you want to follow young people, you need to make constant adjustments to keep pace with their changes. Some companies fail to make quick changes to the price tags associated with the purchase of the group they want.

Keep your finger on the market. Alternatively, keep looking outside to bring new ideas inside. Have group meetings in your market or let customers touch “your products. Companies that create sites that allow people to experiment with their products have a way of doing real research by looking at their perceptions and seeing what makes people come back. Even in private companies. retailers can be trained to ask a lot of questions about purchasing products and customer requirements.Combine this to identify the changes you need to make.

Change is happening because the world will not stand still. Implementing information collection systems is an important and easy way to keep track of upcoming developments. Awareness of change takes place in all organizational structures. You can move to simplified forms of data collection and information systems and make sure you are making the right changes rather than the correct ones.


Tarot Card Interpretation: Devil – The Tower – Death


It is human nature to want to see the future. See what’s coming, before it happens. That’s why so many people are reading from Tarot readers, hoping to find out about what they have in store for them. While Tarot Reading gives you insight into the future. The calculation provides information about where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. I encounter three of the most difficult cards in the Tarot port and, the Devil, The Tower, and Death.

These cards can trigger fear, or a sense of impending doom. This makes sense, given the preconceived notions of the cards and the false representations of what these cards represent. The Devil is different from God, or evil. The tower represents a strong foundation that is smashed, shattered and destroyed. Whereas death equates to the end of life and the unknown. When we face this, many people are at risk and fearful. These cards represent the truth. He allows us to see the fears we already have within us, and as bringing that fear into our lives, it allows us to move forward in life.

The Devil – Although many have the idea that the Devil is a beast of burden, it does bring a lot of damage, especially this card speaks to humanity in each of us. Most people have a shadow, or dark side. These dark aspects often represent the trials, choices, and decisions we make in our daily lives. For example, I was an alcoholic, but I continued to drink, so I hurt the people I love. Yet one message remains clear, it is my choice. This does not apply to any habit, or temptation, but anything or decision that brings us painful, or unpleasant consequences. Realizing these choices is what after we do this, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed; guilt, shame, or anger or infidelity. It simply tells us that life puts endless decisions ahead of us, if we know someone has hurt us, look at another option, one that promotes culture and power, and makes us feel more self-respecting, and more important.

The Tower – This is a very flexible and confusing card. The card shows the tower being hit and hit, shaking the foundation on which it is standing. For the reader, there may be times when we do not really want or expect change. This can come in every aspect of your life. You may have been in the same job for 10 years. If you earn money from such a job, you will never be satisfied with the work you do. It may come as a change in the relationship, which has so far provided security and comfort, but it has no desire or happiness. You may have lived in the same house for many years, even though you did not like the house that was so cheap. These are areas of life that if sudden changes can cause us anxiety. For example, if you work in a job that you do not like, and still earn money, you may find that the company hires you and allows you to go or you can go home and find out that your lifelong partner has decided that he or she is no longer happy and I have moved on. You accept from your Landlord that he is selling the house you are renting, and that means you have to move out. Any of this can send us a fear of the unknown. At the moment we are not sure what to do, I wonder why this is happening to us. These are examples of the shaking of the Tower. I’m sending you a message that we’re stuck to something out of fear. Nature will cause us to move. What we do with unexpected interruptions can determine if we are listening. We can do what we have already done, and get what we already have. Take another job similar to the last one. You can find a friend who has the same appearance as the last friend. You can move home at the end of the road for the same price, and keep you in the same area. Or you can think about any of these things, and understand that you are being asked to see the changes. Opportunity to get a job to do what you love. Starting a new relationship where you can find real happiness and interest (although this represents a new relationship with yourself). You could consider moving to a new location, to see what it would be like. This change seems impossible at the time we feel the shock. However if you listen to what you want, you may feel that you have the power to take advantage of opportunities that can give you unlimited opportunities.

Death – If you receive a death card while reading it you may be scared that you, or someone around you, will probably die. Usually this card does not match the actual death. Death is a part of life that ultimately affects all of us. This card talks to Death as a way to live. Coming into space within us, which allows us to see the form and beliefs we have had over the years. The written methods that started in childhood are painful and / or many other things. You may not have thought to yourself that there is no other way but one way that you have been living. The death card tells you that there are other options. Being born again can mean that you can change ideas that may not have told you enough, insufficient, not enough power, to be a new freedom. Faith is not just any belief, but it also affects self-belief, others, and the whole universe. If you have lived a life of oppression, perhaps in the face of adversity, you may feel that you have endured pain, and it is not good, you are angry, and you do not help others because others do not help you. Being born again can be a time to look beyond yourself, to think about how to serve others. By allowing yourself to live a new life, it can suddenly take you to a healer. This card asks you to remember, just as you were when you entered the world, as insecure and innocent as the rest of us were. This does not change at all, the only thing that changes is how we see ourselves and others. If we allow ourselves to become helpless again, we will be innocent. We have been given the opportunity to start over, and as you have already believed that you should feel pain and suffering, you may find yourself again in need of Love, Compassion and much more.

So the next time you find yourself reading and receiving these amazing cards, don’t despair, you are being given a gift to inform another part of your life. Like DNA, tarot reading is different from what you read. You are given the opportunity to enter where you can find out what these cards represent.