Gold crypto currency backed by us govt

gold crypto currency backed by us govt

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Is a Digital Dollar Coming? Some Financial Experts Warn It Could be Instrument of Government Control
A cryptocurrency backed by gold or silver is the modern evolution of the gold standard. This is a monetary system where a currency is. Legislation proposed in Texas would create a state-issued digital currency issued backed by gold, which residents could then fully redeem in. In a more global move, Russia and Iran are reportedly collaborating to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency aimed at replacing the US dollar for international trade payments.
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Variables of interest We focus on three key measurements of the stablecoin market - return, liquidity and volatility. By tokenizing gold and silver into digital assets, holders can access blockchain trading platforms and their benefits with a tangible asset value behind them. Therefore the idea of a decentralised financial system Nakamoto, quickly became popular and led to the rapid adoption of blockchain technology for money transfer. Article Sources. Second, we investigate the potential of gold-backed stablecoins to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels using the Yang and Zhao unit root test, popular in literature to capture mean-reverting behaviour of crypto assets e.