Piranha – Deadly and Tasty


He had them even before we knew what was going on. My cane knelt while praying for something under the black water. The six-pound test line danced like a cat in a fireplace. The whole hell was set free. Sweat belts fell on Doris’s back. His clothes were now second leather, sticking to everything. We took a deep breath. We were wearing fish. The body of the purple oval and Piranha red belly was broken. I arrived. “Don’t let your finger get close to their mouth or you will lose it,” our guide shouted.

Minutes earlier, I was shivering with the wind blowing from somewhere even though it was 85 degrees — plus heat. The second moisture did not help either. An angry cry filled my ears, but because of my dress Vick’s Vapor Rub, which sucks blood did not eat with it. My eyes burned. My nose is dripping. A small sheet of coffee table or a hanging branch strikes me in several parts. Curses came out of my mouth even though I tried my best to be like one with the rain forest, as the Indians do.

Our fishing rods ranged from 18 “to five-and-a-half feet. Sufficient as vines as my hand dipped in the red coffee water and formed small pockets as it passed through the roots and fallen branches.The distorted growth turned the bank slope red. a plate-eating dish near a swarm of mangrove roots that leaps to the surface.

A few minutes later, her flaky skin glistening with moisture, the guide showed the smoothness of her razor-like teeth. The green leaf that was right next to his mouth played with a biting-like bite. Three heavy shots on the head prepared the killer to clean up. After the repair, Embera cut a few pieces on both sides of the fish. In this case, she carefully diced the salt, garlic, and roots from the small gourd. A simple shaved frame was used to hold fish in a fiery charcoal fire. The hardened flesh of the fish tasted smooth and slightly, like a steady and soft fish. I blink and nod my head cautiously to Doris said. “Make these heads into a sauce and you need more women”. He looked at me with a strange look. I smiled.

Perfectly Killing Machine

Amazon has a lot of risks. War ants travel with millions of lifeless predators on their way. With their eyes closed, the crocodiles lurked unnoticed – anything or anyone else might be there. Returning to its foot 20 feet[20 m]the Anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world, uses a heat-searching guide to find its next food. A sting inflicted by a tail with large ropes can give a wound that can take months to heal. But none of this carries the mysterious secret of the mighty Piranha. Across South America from Brazil to as far down as Peru, it also lives in the waters of Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. In the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers in Brazil and in the Orinoco River in Venezuela, no creature is immune to the sharp teeth of a razor and powerful jaws. The polished teeth connect like a razor, causing the Piranha to cut the flesh of their animals. Like a shark, Piranha’s teeth are replaced, while a new one grows new.

The Yagua Indians of Peru often use the pineapple teeth of the Piranha jaw to decorate the tips of their rifles. A fish that dies or swims the wrong way will be quickly attacked by a high school. Piranha will again attack without warning to protect their eggs and their share. Injured meat that has been lost in the water will be pulled up to the bone as fast as if it were “dancing” on the surface as it collapses on the ground. The bird that falls into the water will be gone, the feathers and everything, in three minutes or less. A caught fish that fights the net is chewed up to the head in a matter of seconds. Attacks on large animals and humans are often spectacular, but they are rare. In some areas Piranha is known as a “donkey runner”.

“They will tear to pieces and devour every living creature that is injured or injured.” U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt said, adding, “Piranha is the world’s most dangerous fish.” Piranha, also known as the Caribbean or Piraya only added to their dangerous secret when Roosevelt encountered them in his practice in 1914. There are about 35 known species of Piranha but only five species represent man. The species ranges from Red-Belly Piranha (Pygocentrus natterere) with a red belly to the largest food species, the Black Piranha with red eyes and demons and a dark body 17 inches and a half inches long and up to ten pounds. It can remove a person’s hand and bite two or three times.

Many species feed on fruits or seeds that fall into the water from the coating surface. The fish are not always aggressive. Women wash their clothes in water up to their knees where men lead the fish while children bathe or swim in the same water that has harmless Piranha. In addition to adding Piranha secrets, Indian men with 12 wives and many children claim to have Piranha head broth, although there is no strong scientific reason for the broth.

Fishing Piranha

Piranhas are often included in the local diet of fish. All you need to do to get to Piranha are lines with a metal guide near the hook to keep the fish from biting the line, the availability of red, raw meat (worms or chopped fish) is also an option. Piranha swims in high schools and is attracted to the movement and blood. In May 1999, hundreds of Anglers carrying sticks, reels, and raw steak flocked to the Brazilian town of Aracatuba near Sao Paolo for a Sunday piranha. The townspeople have announced the opening season for carnivorous fish, which have killed some species of river. The prize was a foreign bicycle. But “many fishermen were ready to go home armed with aphrodisiac piranha,” said city spokesman Nelson Custidio.

Piranha, earns a reputation for slaughtering 1,200 cattle annually in Brazil, and some of the best in South America. Whatever name you give them and no matter what you try, when you cook in a variety of ways, their firm flesh is a bit smooth, and the flavor you would like.