Francis J Kong: Someone with an Encouraging Interest


Francis J. Kong is one of the most helpful speakers in the Philippines. He is a businessman, speaker, corporate educator, journalist, writer, and individual. She is a Filipino native and raised in Manila where her inspired life continues to send violence into the lives of those who want to excel in life, work, business, and more.

How He Began

Before he became a great man, he started out humble. Her first company started a clothing business. As the brand rose to its own worldwide popularity, he realized his curiosity in a way that later led him to change his lifestyle. That is, revealing his writing and speaking skills. Francis realized that he was interested in sharing ideas on how to live a better life and that his invitations also involved helping people do better.

His Call

Driven by that desire and desire, Francis began to speak in different places in different places. His work encouraged him to participate in free school and institutional discussions. The business community also did not take long to identify Francis. He invited her to seminars and courses, which delighted Francis as he fulfilled the purpose of his life as he had been invited. With about 120 interviews per year, the man who started the business made a name for himself as a motivating speaker.

Answering Call

Today, Francis’ clients are some of the list companies in the country as well as businesses. He continually responds to his call to help people change their lives, their careers, and their careers. As a result of his amazing ideas and ideas, he has been invited to major business conferences here and abroad and has been awarded:

  • Recipients of the Anvil Award for Excellence in preparation for the Dr. Leadership Conference. John Maxwell

  • Recipient of 2006 Gold Quill Philippines Prize worthy of the category nominated by the International Association of Business Communicators

  • Follower 2008 Dr. Jose Rizal Best Award for Journalism, among others.

He remains true to his mission of encouraging people to live a fulfilling and fulfilling life. In writing, he throws a pen on a piece of paper to spread the message of success in his 18 books published over the years. His re-written work is highly anticipated by his readers in a commercial on the weekend at The Philippine Star. He is also the President of Success Options Publishing Company.

Through radio, his inspiring talk continues to captivate millions of listeners in his daily radio program “Business Matter”. It has been in existence for more than 23 years and has been awarded the 2007 Year Award by the Catholic Mass Media Awards.

On His Success

Francis ’life is a good example of how success means living a purposeful life and finding happiness in doing this. At age 62, she is more than just a name, but she is in her own right, a living testimony to her well-being.

He is a corporate coach, a business consultant, and a life coach. He owns affiliate and publishing companies. He thinks, writes, speaks, and moves according to his interest in positive thinking, writing and speaking. He accomplishes his mission by moving according to his desire to inspire, inspire and transform people’s lives.

With the sole purpose of living and not just surviving, Francis is constantly and constantly helping people to achieve their meaning.

At age 62 today, I don’t want to ask myself, “Am I successful now?” I always ask myself, “Am I still going ahead?” – Francis Kong