.ICO collection

The .ICO collection was developed from my personal collection as a reaction to the number of badly organized collections of dubious quality icos being sold as shareware some years ago. Collecting in this format ceased with the advent of the 256 color windows icon & the final version of the collection of 22,963 .ICO is maintained as an historical archive of icons using the Windows 16 color palette.

Windows 16 color palette
There are few credits for the ico’s – those iconographers known are credited on The Iconolog contributors page. Zips beginning with ( contain icons from companies & logos eg. (

I collected icons where I found them, sometimes I found a source long after the icon, most often I never found it. If an icon belongs to you, please contact me. .ICOs are most commonly used to decorate a desktop & copyright is not usually relevant but even though few are interested in the fate of yesterday’s icons, they should be considered copyright for any purpose other than personal use.

As .ICO’s cannot be displayed on WWW, this section is download only but icons are used throughout the Iconoweb & the best of The Iconolog is on display as part of the ongoing 32×32 image collection in GIF format. Archives are ZIPped, if you do not have a suitable program to de-archive files, The Toolbox may be able to help.