How to Make Money as Iconographer


Graphic design is an evergreen niche wherein you can find top paying designing projects in online marketplaces. Talented people are involved in the creative design process which can result in many utters such as logos, posters, ads, T-shirt designs, websites, etc.

One of the main advantages of the graphic designer is that there are a lot of categories that you can explore. Not to mention that each category has such intriguing prospect to make more money. Many choose to work as a freelancer because they are able to set their own schedule. They can have the flexibility and freedom which are not available in 9-5 jobs.

Many clients need freelance graphic designers to work on many different projects. There are many designers all over the world but not all of them focus on iconography. You can be a specialist in iconography to set you apart from your competitors. Making money as an iconographer is arguably easy. Well, to start this thing can be hard for some designers. But you will set your feet on the right path when you find the right place to start.

Mainly, you can make money as iconographer in two ways: 1) selling already made icons to popular marketplaces, and 2) offering your iconography service to maximize the customer experience.

In Graphic Design marketplaces like Graphic River, you can earn money every time the buyer buys the license to use your icons. The percentage of sale profits will depend on the website you join with. You will have the freedom to set the price for your icons. You could label your icons with exclusive agreement (to give copyright to the buyers), or non-exclusive agreement (you still hold the copyright of the icons). In non-exclusive agreement terms, you can sell your icons on other sites or platforms. If your primary intention is to profit by selling your icons, you could use this. The thing is that you may not get too much, compared to provide an exclusive iconography service.

The exclusive agreement allows your buyers to use your icons for their own purposes, and you will not hold the copyright of the icons. Instead, they will hold it and have the privilege to / not to grant the copyright to other parties. It sounds a bit daunting since your masterpiece will be taken away from you. But seeing in the business perspective, selling exclusive icons is more profitable than selling non-exclusive icons. It is true that you don’t have the copyright of the icons. But you will get a good amount of money. Big companies don’t mind to spend their large capital for such quality icons.


So, are you ready to be an iconographer?