PAINT IT PINK – Let’s Join Breast Cancer Hands


A few years ago, one of Hollywood’s actresses sent word, not only to readers but also to medical personnel, announcing the removal of both nerves or the removal of breast tissue.

Posting a message about the dangers of women especially in these times.

Now some readers may be quick to clean up the operation like paranoia but statistics will make you sit down and read.

Epidemiological studies have revealed that at a rate of 25%, it is the most common cancer in women, and 12%, the second most common cancer (skin cancer records chart).

A search at home to see if there are sputum, is suddenly discussed and advised. Tests are quick because it is important to get to know your body, identify any abnormalities, consult the same doctor and make a decision.

Chest Forming

As a result, the breast becomes intact adipose or fatty tissue a very large production. Then comes the building and functioning units, which are 12-20 lobes, each of which is made up of smaller ones. Behavior, connected by milk ducts, which are the means of transporting milk to the breast. Cancer begins in the gut or in the abdomen, so it is called ductal and lobular carcinoma, respectively.

Have you ever wondered why too much light also includes scratches under the pits of your arm, other than the visible ones, close to the chest. The tiny body of protective lymph nodes called the Lymph node disintegrates throughout the body, connected by an independent regulator, called the gastrointestinal tract.

When you have cancer, examining the lymph nodes helps the doctor determine the size and spread of the cancer. In addition, breast cancer also affects distant organs through these mechanisms.

Does it cause breast cancer?

Now, what causes breast cancer? There is no single cause that can be found for cancer.

Yes there are dangers, which we will discuss but before this happens it is important we confuse the same few beliefs.

Breast cancer is NOT caused by: – ​​cell phone, tea or coffee, contact with the person who has it, cooking microwaves and spices.

The contradictory premise of these “agents” is probably that anything that causes DNA damage from radiation from a drug causes cancer.

However, it is important to remember, we are exposed to radiation and radiation, all the time, and our bodies are able to repair the damage.

Risks: Risks are things that can increase the risk of infection. Being at risk does not mean that the mother will get breast cancer. Most women who are at risk do not have breast cancer.

1) Life: no rewards for imagining, Smoking and Alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. Fatty foods, obesity and other things that do not take the list.

Post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy and hormonal contraceptives for women who have not yet reached puberty are said to be at the root of breast cancer risk that may also be a medical etiology.

2) Genetics: an area that you cannot change. A family history of breast cancer or any other stomach cancer should not make you hypochondriac, but save a little time with your annual checkup.

3) Medical: Other problems in the ears or stomach, which often lead to benign tumors.

Although, it now has advanced medical facilities that show breast cancer have changed with lighter years but early detection, it still saves a person from depression, trauma and reduces the risk of infection.

Check for any cross or mass, painless, firm and immovable but can be limited, soft and well defined. As mentioned earlier any growth of the abdomen in the right hole or under the collar should not be ignored.

Other signs to look out for are: irritation of the skin or a twist, Everson jaw, temporary pain in the breasts / nipples, swelling of the breast even if it does not look like a mass, swelling of the breasts and red or brown skin.

. Mammography: “Mammogram before Instagram”. Here are some tips to watch:

  • Women 40 to 44 years old are selected

  • Women aged 45 to 54 mammograms per year.

  • Women 55 years of age or older who are assessed annually or once every 2 years.

  • Screening should be continued as long as the mother is in good health and is expected to be 10 years or older.

It is recommended that if one has high hopes, such as increased risk such as genetics and hormone replacement therapy, they should be screened by MRI.

Don’t count your days, make your days count, and what is said about cancer. The first realization is your savior.