Laughter and The World of Work Laughs With You


Many workplaces today have employers and co-workers, repetitive tasks and market challenges that may not be possible. Stress increases. Supervisors often tell me they can’t afford the time or cost of my funny meetings; how to cope with workplace problems.

We know medically that laughter and play are medicinal, they also benefit our body, mind and body. At work, jokes and entertainment can increase productivity, enhance skills, promote teamwork, and promote esprit de Corps.

While we may not be able to control everything that happens to us at work and in the workplace, we have control over our choices. I also teach others how to create a safe and friendly environment, and use jokes to help us stay strong amidst the stress and challenges that come with a lot of hard work and a competitive market. Remember that humor starts inside. Being able to laugh at your own shortcomings greatly contributes to a better career that can grow better.

These are experiences and ideas for you as individuals, working groups and managers. Develop skills and apply these ideas to work out your own solutions to workplace problems.

– Decorate your workplace with cartoons, headlines or funny pictures that entertain you and visit your co-workers. Whether you’re surrounded by Pez’s childhood sweethearts, or art galleries that speak to your interests, let your workplace comfort you and make you happy when you leave the office decor.

– Click a co-worker to be a funny friend. Bring jokes every day to share. Talk about funny things at work. Keep up the good work. When the chips reach the bottom your partner can laugh at your frustration, and vice versa.

– Don’t think that cubicles reduce your sense of humor. I saw shower curtains, umbrellas and other equipment used properly to light up more or less. For some, art grows behind the curtain of their cubicle. People disrupting your workplace? Don’t be angry… protect her with a yellow tape of “Crime Scene”!

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Are You Laughing at Me ”? One supervisor, known to be concerned, agreed with a “Mood-O-Meter” outside his door. Both he and his staff take turns predicting what they will be like: from fire breaks to volatile clouds to temporary explosions… keep at risk. Don’t underestimate the power of humor to make yourself available and loved.

Laughing Room. Some companies choose a room, a workplace or a corner of their office as a dining room, where laughter and laughter are allowed. Whether yours has a drill bag, a game, a starter board or foosball, it is a room to evaporate and breathe through.

Do not search. Everyone hates it and cries but we all need to breathe steam from time to time. One group of artisans and their managers ordered Thursday to be a fun day. They test themselves all week, making sure they don’t cry. However even on Thursday the gripes were licensed in the department and somehow looked healthy. Other than that, they hurt in one abdomen. This kind of stability also helps keep the neighborhood departments strong!

Ending Happiness. Many experts arrive at meetings nervously. Humor can help. At regular meetings, spend one or two minutes at each meeting for humorous jokes. In one group the “funny hand” rotates in meetings and meetings. Staff take turns exchanging voice at meetings, making sure everyone is doing it. Legends, rhetoric or exercises watch the group at work available and bring your friends together happily.

When you don’t use jokes. Not all jokes are good. Harmful jokes, sarcasm, or cruelty can upset others and you. Try the jokes that combine, and create and draw our personalities. By now you know that sex jokes, racism, puberty jokes and nonsense jokes are not only appropriate, but can also lead to penalties, termination or even prosecution. Be careful when you tell jokes about job losses, loss of power (RIFs) and personal problems. Their pain can occur over time. . When in doubt… Stop it!

Proper jokes can make difficult tasks easier, cooperation more enjoyable and make working days faster. Laugh, and the working world laughs with you!