Tarot Card Interpretation: Devil – The Tower – Death


It is human nature to want to see the future. See what’s coming, before it happens. That’s why so many people are reading from Tarot readers, hoping to find out about what they have in store for them. While Tarot Reading gives you insight into the future. The calculation provides information about where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. I encounter three of the most difficult cards in the Tarot port and, the Devil, The Tower, and Death.

These cards can trigger fear, or a sense of impending doom. This makes sense, given the preconceived notions of the cards and the false representations of what these cards represent. The Devil is different from God, or evil. The tower represents a strong foundation that is smashed, shattered and destroyed. Whereas death equates to the end of life and the unknown. When we face this, many people are at risk and fearful. These cards represent the truth. He allows us to see the fears we already have within us, and as bringing that fear into our lives, it allows us to move forward in life.

The Devil – Although many have the idea that the Devil is a beast of burden, it does bring a lot of damage, especially this card speaks to humanity in each of us. Most people have a shadow, or dark side. These dark aspects often represent the trials, choices, and decisions we make in our daily lives. For example, I was an alcoholic, but I continued to drink, so I hurt the people I love. Yet one message remains clear, it is my choice. This does not apply to any habit, or temptation, but anything or decision that brings us painful, or unpleasant consequences. Realizing these choices is what after we do this, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed; guilt, shame, or anger or infidelity. It simply tells us that life puts endless decisions ahead of us, if we know someone has hurt us, look at another option, one that promotes culture and power, and makes us feel more self-respecting, and more important.

The Tower – This is a very flexible and confusing card. The card shows the tower being hit and hit, shaking the foundation on which it is standing. For the reader, there may be times when we do not really want or expect change. This can come in every aspect of your life. You may have been in the same job for 10 years. If you earn money from such a job, you will never be satisfied with the work you do. It may come as a change in the relationship, which has so far provided security and comfort, but it has no desire or happiness. You may have lived in the same house for many years, even though you did not like the house that was so cheap. These are areas of life that if sudden changes can cause us anxiety. For example, if you work in a job that you do not like, and still earn money, you may find that the company hires you and allows you to go or you can go home and find out that your lifelong partner has decided that he or she is no longer happy and I have moved on. You accept from your Landlord that he is selling the house you are renting, and that means you have to move out. Any of this can send us a fear of the unknown. At the moment we are not sure what to do, I wonder why this is happening to us. These are examples of the shaking of the Tower. I’m sending you a message that we’re stuck to something out of fear. Nature will cause us to move. What we do with unexpected interruptions can determine if we are listening. We can do what we have already done, and get what we already have. Take another job similar to the last one. You can find a friend who has the same appearance as the last friend. You can move home at the end of the road for the same price, and keep you in the same area. Or you can think about any of these things, and understand that you are being asked to see the changes. Opportunity to get a job to do what you love. Starting a new relationship where you can find real happiness and interest (although this represents a new relationship with yourself). You could consider moving to a new location, to see what it would be like. This change seems impossible at the time we feel the shock. However if you listen to what you want, you may feel that you have the power to take advantage of opportunities that can give you unlimited opportunities.

Death – If you receive a death card while reading it you may be scared that you, or someone around you, will probably die. Usually this card does not match the actual death. Death is a part of life that ultimately affects all of us. This card talks to Death as a way to live. Coming into space within us, which allows us to see the form and beliefs we have had over the years. The written methods that started in childhood are painful and / or many other things. You may not have thought to yourself that there is no other way but one way that you have been living. The death card tells you that there are other options. Being born again can mean that you can change ideas that may not have told you enough, insufficient, not enough power, to be a new freedom. Faith is not just any belief, but it also affects self-belief, others, and the whole universe. If you have lived a life of oppression, perhaps in the face of adversity, you may feel that you have endured pain, and it is not good, you are angry, and you do not help others because others do not help you. Being born again can be a time to look beyond yourself, to think about how to serve others. By allowing yourself to live a new life, it can suddenly take you to a healer. This card asks you to remember, just as you were when you entered the world, as insecure and innocent as the rest of us were. This does not change at all, the only thing that changes is how we see ourselves and others. If we allow ourselves to become helpless again, we will be innocent. We have been given the opportunity to start over, and as you have already believed that you should feel pain and suffering, you may find yourself again in need of Love, Compassion and much more.

So the next time you find yourself reading and receiving these amazing cards, don’t despair, you are being given a gift to inform another part of your life. Like DNA, tarot reading is different from what you read. You are given the opportunity to enter where you can find out what these cards represent.