Promoting Psychic Living


The spring has arrived! Now is the time to clean up the old and to welcome the new. Instead of just cleaning our rooms, yards and garages, let’s think of electric jumps to get on! Most of us know what it takes to clean our house and yard in the spring, but do we understand how we can clean our energy and clean ourselves? Do we know the solutions to the waves or holes that need to be repaired? In the course of my work, I cut psychic cords for others which is not good. Spring is a good time to get rid of any old ideas or strengths we may have unknowingly on our journey. This light allows our inner light to shine brighter through us like a white mirror that receives sunlight into our home.

Before we can clean up our magical environment, we need to see how we are living. Most of us do not know about magic. We can ask ourselves some questions, “Do I feel tired, depressed or depressed? Do I have unexplained anxiety? Am I worried about someone I love for no reason? Am I feeling sorry for myself? yes “to any of these questions, you may be distracted or overwhelmed by the power of others. The mind is not always in agreement with the signs that it is time for a magical cleansing.

Let’s start by understanding that we are powerful weapons that vibrate at different times at different times. When we are happy and motivated, our strong signature is like a hummingbird, quick and light-hearted. When we are frustrated or angry, our energy is weakened and slowed down like ice. Our magical powers change as a result of various events. When we look at our strengths, we can “feel” when we step in a little bit, and change our inner state accordingly. To improve our frequency, we can meditate, exercise, pray, sing or use magical instruments until we are well.

In this age, we cannot live in a cave separate from life, but we can protect ourselves from the weak forces and know what we are talking about in the body to avoid the “sponge” that occurs when we detect the toxic force from our environment. Symptoms of a “sponge” include feeling tired, irritable, or having a headache when we unknowingly recognize another person’s electrical energy. Most of us are subject to this ‘second power’ because we do not know the weapons we need to protect ourselves.

Psychiatric health calls for us to protect our physical environment in the same way that we protect ourselves from pollution. We can take action when we feel our strength is waning. For example, if we live in a house where friends are fighting, we could pray for our friends, talk to them, leave the house, or move to another location. Another way is by soothing our minds when meditating and not allowing the beatings to disrupt our peace of mind. By sharing how we feel, we are empowered and free. By learning to take care of our innermost being, we create the ruin of unity in our external world. The choice is ours. Let’s choose to let our light shine on the earth!