A Fun Story of Pocket Sized Dofti Washing Machines



People traveling long distances must carry clothing in order to be well-dressed wherever they go. As they go, they do not have time to wash their clothes in the middle of a heated conversation with various customers. However, with the advent of the small palm-cleaning device, the concept has changed. This dishwasher converts the sink in your home into a washing machine. It uses 80% less power than is used with other similar electronic devices. The device comes with a $ 89 fee. As a result, it is much cheaper for frequent travelers who have to fill their wallets with multiple dresses. In this article, we will look at the design and operation of a vacuum cleaner.

Pocket-size washing machine

The Swiss lab MPI Ultrasonics has developed this excellent washing machine. The handheld device is baptized as Dofti. They use the latest technology to clean laundry compared to washing machines that wash mechanically. The cleaning method using this technique is gentle on the clothes and only takes about 30 minutes. As a result, I will definitely want to wash even the clothes that contain the fabric. The difficulties of finding a laundry and putting on clean clothes have led experts to make this idea. The device requires electrical power to operate and generate sound waves. As a result, it is impossible to come up with an electronic avatar.

Method of Working

The device is capable of generating pimples and tides. As a result, the user needs to fill thoroughly with clothes, water and flour mixed. After that, he has to put the water-making device in the water. When activated, the device sends wave waves into the water and generates powerful water jets. As a result of constant shaking, bubbles form and go to the surface. At the top, it promotes the release of electrical energy. The pumps remove the stains and dust with them before they rise to the top and enter. This results in all scars and waterborne dust. This technique is now widely used in pharmaceuticals during sonification. As a result, many companies believe that the new technology is not new. It looks like a production technology from a modern design in the steel industry.