Unpainted Dentistry: Myths and Facts About Car Dental Design and Insurance


The long arm of car insurance does not stand in the way of extras or dangerous road insurance. Commercial companies have found all kinds of security to offer insurance. Among the above are dental protection plans. Ding and dental insurance is slowly growing, and it deals with unsightly carts and parking lots.

Eating with teeth is similar, although the ding has less curvature. You will notice a twist. You need to clean, or drive the car properly or sunlight to see. Some instruments are smaller than the eraser heads.

As additional guarantees or tire insurance, dental protection plans and promises promise to pay for some or all of the temporary damage. The plan is sold primarily by new car dealers and costs hundreds of dollars.

Dentistry and Dental Reconstruction: Dental Dental Design

Dental implants and dental implants are called PDR, short for Colorless Dentistry. There are several companies that do this: Ding Doctor, Ding King, No Dents, Dent Wizard … the list goes on. Some are better than others, though in the end it is based on the technical expertise of PDR. Prices are the same.

How is that possible?

Most PDR methods are not destructive. PDR specialists use advanced tools and equipment to slide behind damaged panels and straighten and massage the damaged metal as it once did.

Does it work?

On the contrary, it’s amazing! They work so well that often the hives and teeth will be completely removed. It’s invisible, it’s gone, they can’t believe it – your eyes are fixed.

I saw a football hole removed from the back of a $ 120,000 car. The cover also had a large cage, which made repairs difficult. Thirty minutes later it was not known if the form was there. Plans cost the customer $ 400. Estimates of retail stores were rising $ 2700.

The advantages of PDR

  • Very low cost compared to bodybuilding
  • Repair on the same day – even if you wait
  • No paint, sand, or exercise equipment is required
  • The original paint remains – it helps to preserve the shape of the car’s color and its value
  • Body groups remain strong – preserving their shape

Disadvantages of PDR

  • PDR does not deal with attractions or chips that are often associated with dance (Most PDR companies respond to chips and attractions, but not PDR expertise)
  • Most body parts are not available, which is why PDR is not optional
  • Plastic bumpers or any other plastic material cannot be repaired by PDR methods. Since the bumper is the most common area of ​​damage, this is a major challenge for PDR technology.
  • Other damage can be done to the window, paint, interior, window glass and color equipment, although any type of damage is rare.

Need PDR insurance?

God, no!

Do you need to repair your ding using PDR methods?

Hell, yes!

Let me explain …

Creating insurance against clothing is not a good idea for the economy. Repairing the ding for about $ 50 per ding. Some articles cost $ 99 to $ 149 for repairs. Two or four bands can run for $ 100 to $ 450, depending on the size. Insurance at this level is not required. Plus, it’s a gamble that you can lose.

To benefit from the $ 300, two-year plan, your car will have to play “PDR repairs” several times. Even in the description, you may not be able to identify the song, making what they are saying impossible. Also, despite their incredible PDR skills, they can’t fix anything, especially chips and stripes that tend to follow – a must have.

Yes, plan your party with PDR (if it bothers you), but don’t buy an insurance plan.

Financial security policies 101

The article by Terence O’Hara in the Washington Post is a marvel of the security app, and it is in use here. He wrote:

The idea of ​​buying more assurance … contradicts the views of financial experts, consumer protectionists and nutritionists, all of whom warn that such plans do not benefit consumers and are always a waste of money.

‘[Extended warranties and protection plans] misunderstandings, ‘said Harvard economist David Cutler. ‘The opportunity mentioned [of an issue] it must be much greater than the risk that you will not be able to fix or change. If you are buying a $ 400 item, the amount of buyers the amount of money you spend is not a risk that you have to prove in any case. ‘

… additional resources play on the larger social conditions to prevent loss, even if it means sacrificing what may happen in the future. In this case, the value and all other valuable items that the customer can afford and the money they spent as a guarantee

Adjust your dress

Customize your dress with ornaments (if desired) as they come in handy – probably anytime in the spring. Setting up the harness makes your car less attractive, and adds value. But don’t worry about the security system. Save your money.

Use that paint

Dyeing without dyes often replaces those who think of dyeing entirely. Where possible, it is best to keep the original color in color. A good PDR combined with technical specifications can re-enable cars to display a site for as little as $ 500.

Go with the best

Since 1983 Dent Wizard has been a professional PDR pioneer. Their PDR specialists are trained in depth and continuity. The prices are reasonable and the quality is very good. Always ask for PDR expertise, as there are many different skills.

Check with local retailers

Sales in your area can offer a Dent Wizard. Your car should not be the same as a car dealer. Alternatively, you can bring your Chevy to the Ford dealer for the PDR service.

False beliefs

Do it yourself easily re-painting the unpainted paint is easy.

Of course not! It requires education, skills, and expertise. There are many PDR practitioners who break or polish paint, or who create pimples on metal.

PDR commercials for TV sales do the same.

No! Even closer. There is no substitute for PDR skills.

Cleaning the scratches with teeth is the same thing.

No. Ding is a small organ, which can often be repaired using colorless techniques. An art is actually a product of fine-grained clothing or paint, which requires the skill of selling, or painting.

It is easy to learn how to fix car defects.

Perhaps for some, it is a skill that few sir. Dent Wizard provides the best training program. Managers and staff are the highest quality.

What is the best vehicle that ever removes the safety system?

Money inside yours bank account!