Herbal Remedies – The Best Things That Disrupt You


Some days we may wake up feeling unwell. By failing to put our finger there, we know we have unlimited power. In some cases, we may be able to determine the time when something inside us causes us to enter the Not Well Zone. It would sound as if we were just hitting the bull with the circling bands of external awareness, alerting them to the whole process. It is in these times, when good tea tea herbs can be just what is needed to help things get back on track.

What Is Salt Tea?

Herbal teas are made from one plant or a combination of seeds. Various teas can be made using different parts of the plant that include leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, roots, bark or stems of the plant. The type of plant usually determines the portion to be used. For example to make chamomile tea, flowers are used, peppermint tea is made, leaves are used, and to make ginger tea, roots are used. The herbs can be fresh or dried. It is then infused into a glass of hot water, to form an infusion that allows the drug to be released.

Benefits of Mixing Tea

Drinking herbal tea can do two important things: support the body in a supportive way and give it a delicious drink. Depending on the herbal tea chosen, some medicinal benefits can be taken. Having a small herbal tea can be an addition to any of the things you can do to restore your body if you are not feeling well. There are many good vegetable options available today. Below is a list of five must-haves if you want to start adding herbal tea to your health program.


Chamomile tea

It is a fragrant tea known for its soothing properties. A tea made from chamomile flowers, tea is helpful in nerve stimulation, calming the stomach, relieving muscle tension, and helping to inflammation and regulate liver function. These are herbs that I grow every year in our garden, so we can have chamomile tea.

Dandelion Tea

It’s on my list because dandelions were so revered by my grandmother. In the year one can find my grandmother with her little pocket knife and basket in the wild, collecting young dandelion leaves … “good blood, you know.” Then this memory remains ingrained in my mind. I mean, it tastes good, or it smells good, but that’s what I think is one of the healthiest teas. Effective as a body cleanser, it helps to promote healthy liver and kidneys. In the search for a tea that combines the toxic process, dandelion tea should be at the top of the list.

Echinacea tea

It helps to strengthen the immune system, especially in the fight against infections, such as the common cold or flu. The leaves, stems, flowers and roots of the Echinacea plant are traditionally used to make tea. One of my favorite teas with Echinacea is Organic Lemon Echinacea made by Traditional Medicinals, which invigorates me when I have a sore throat. The certainty I have to have in collecting my tea.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is known to be very sweet. When you experience any gastrointestinal problem, even if we are talking about stomach problems, nausea, vomiting or rash, one of the first herbs you can choose should be ginger. Using the root of this plant, it is easy to make your own combination. Buy fresh ginger root from the grocery store, wash and peel a small portion of the root. Put a few slices in a cup, and cover with hot water. Cover and allow the tea to start for 5 minutes. Collect and then drink.

Peppermint Tea

The fragrant peppermint scent alone lifts spirits, a tempting aroma to begin to feel the rejuvenation of life. There are always mint mint plants growing outside our kitchen door. During the summer months, fresh spices are used almost every day. At the end of the season, the seeds are collected and dried so that they can continue to be enjoyed throughout the year. Peppermint is another option when looking to promote stomach health. In addition it is useful in dealing with stress, supporting the immune system and helping to express emotions.

So sometimes when you shop at the market thinking about drinks that you can put in your car, stop drinking soft drinks and choose a fresh herbal tea. Extremely hot or cold, it adds an extra dimension to your day without adding extra cost.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the teapot is whistling, that’s why I’m going to prepare a nice, hot, herbal tea! Why don’t you come in with me?