Reviving Old Technology – VSR Motors


The 170-year-old electric technology, called variable switched reluctance (VSR) motors was revived in the 1980s with the advent of electric motors. The Texas based Le has installed front tires at the end of mining operations that use large VSR motors to drive the wheels. Basically, a VSR motor consists of a rotator and a stator with a coil running in the stator. The rotor, which is equipped with toothpaste and toothpaste, is a non-pointing tool or fixed magnet.

The stator has openings with multiple coils, triggers that are computer-generated to form a flow component. Once a single stator machine is installed, an electric magnetic field is formed around the coil and the rotor. The rotor meets the pulse and is moved along the line by the power coils, reducing the input path. depending on the power exchange of the stator, the rotation can be stimulated to move at any speed and speed.

VSR Motors offers the following: Since there are no brushes, there is no need to adjust the brakes. the machine is very durable because there are no coils or moving parts. A VSR car is capable of high-performance and efficient operation at much higher speeds than can be done with other high-performance vehicles. In addition, the temporary adjustment can be adjusted accurately at the ends, the motor operates more accurately. With VSR technology it is possible to make a low-cost motorbike with more than 90% of functionality and adjustable speed.

VSR machines can be designed to fit exactly with their equipment, and its sophisticated design does not have expensive magnets or squirrels such as a steering wheel. VSR motors are smaller than DC motors. The VSR vehicle in its own way is subjected to overflow and to deal with a single point. They have great tolerance and are unable to correct mistakes. According to a Le Tourneau spokesman, While the starting price of an SR motor and steering is slightly cheaper than the DC standard, in failure, there may be little or no variation in production costs due to lower prices for electrical equipment. VSR vehicles do not have their problems, however. The main problem is the sound of the music and the high vibration caused by the magnetic field. Another obstacle is a strong shaking. But while these problems affect VSR small-scale horsepower motors, they are not really necessary for horsepower systems.