Bio Ethanol Pros and Cons


Competition is looking forward to finding another better source of electricity. This is because the oil production is amazing. Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are a major cause of environmental damage. In many ways, it is slowly dragging the earth to the unfortunate end. This is why many researchers continue to study new sources, new energy sources that are as effective and efficient as our current method but may produce less gas or zero. Currently, other sources are solar power, wave power, wind power, and more.

The problem is, all of these things can drive cars and other fuel-efficient machines. Solar power is advancing slowly but not enough to drive machines and cars. The answer is to come up with a fuel that can be burned. One of the things engineers can do is change the way they drive millions of cars powered by traditional gasoline engines. Bio ethanol is one of the best solutions. It is a new type of fuel that can be used on cars and any other equipment just as it can be used for fuel. Now, he has already written that it is a matter of change because it comes from natural resources but there have been debates and discussions going on between naturalists as to whether bio ethanol is really beneficial or another in the world. To find out, we need to measure both sides. We need to learn the pros and cons of these other oils so that we can determine if they are good.

Ethanol does not emit toxic fumes; can reduce air pollution by up to 90 percent. They are also made from organic matter, crops such as corn and other crops, crops that are often used to feed livestock. As a result, it is less likely to be contaminated. It is white and green.

However, it takes a lot of seeds to make enough oil. This is why it can lead to misunderstandings. Crops that should be used as food can be used to make oil. This can lead to higher prices for animal feed and can lead to lower prices and higher food prices. After all, they can bring famine to the people. In addition, due to the high demand for seeds to produce this kind of oil, more land is needed to become a planting site. This can lead to disruption of wildlife habitats as well as small areas of human and animal life alike. It can lead to misunderstandings and ultimately lead to hunger. Another issue is that bio ethanol is not recommended for use in automotive use; hence, you still need to mix it with oil.