Response to the Greatest Fat Loss of 2010


Now we see the evils of oil drilling in the Gulf. Emergency management has apparently failed in its mission to protect the environment. We will continue to see real value allowing oil companies to use natural resources in the Gulf. Drilling a hole in the oil drill is not dangerous.

BP should have had a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) course instead the first oil barrel was pumped from the Gulf. You can bet they are aware of the dangers that we work with in the deepest sense when it is impossible to deal with mechanical problems. Obviously, these threats were probably worth the benefit in the eyes of BP managers. The security guards and the guarantee of the promises must have been ordered by our government before allowing drilling. Why do we continue to allow big business to set their own standards, and then, to allow wolves to control poultry?

President Obama sent to Congress last week a package of legislation aimed at speeding up aid to those affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Here is a brief summary of the White House “Sheet Sheet” on the topics that the legal package contains:


Modern Money

Food Security

Monitoring and Evaluation of Coastal Oil Exploration

Natural Research


Oil Support End of Unemployment

Good Help

Career Support

Single Representative Support


Economic Restoration

Woe to the Fishermen

SBA loans


Ensuring that BP compensates people affected by the loss

Developing Problems

Increasing International Taxes That Pay Fund Trust Spill Liability Trust

Promoting System Integrity and Ensuring Proper Use of Funds

Perhaps we will now realize that the risk of drilling in our wetlands is far greater than the benefits or limitations available to large companies that control drilling. The time has come for you to find a better way for people … a time to change the way companies do business by harassing people. The negative consequences of these tragedies will appear in the coming years … on which you can rely.

If we continue to rely on oil to meet our needs our future generations will continue to face problems such as those caused by Excessive Fat Loss. Quickly it can be expensive to drill oil on the ground, however, over time the total cost to everyone can be much higher.